Carrara Media to Publish Landmark Look Inside Modern Car Culture from Automotive Journalist Ryan K. ZumMallen Launching Line of Nonfiction eBooks

The publisher’s first digital title, Slow Car Fast, will be published in August 2019

Los Angeles, June 5, 2019—Carrara Media will publish Slow Car Fast: The Millennial Mantra Changing Car Culture for Good, the first nonfiction eBook from veteran automotive journalist Ryan K. ZumMallen. Releasing in digital editions on August 19, 2019, Slow Car Fast explores the changing landscape of car culture through the young enthusiasts and vibrant personalities ushering in the new guard. Sarah Bennett, longtime L.A. food and culture writer and Assistant Professor of communications and media at Santa Ana College, will edit.

Drawing from a decade of sportswriting and automotive reporting experience, ZumMallen takes a whirlwind tour through modern car culture and weaves dozens of interviews with auto personalities and icons into a deeply incisive look at our relationship with cars that any enthusiast can enjoy. In Slow Car Fast, readers will ride along in hypercars and enter the rich ecosystem of car shows, rallies, auctions and motorsports that has turned into big business in both the physical and virtual realms.

A new age of auto enthusiasts has screamed onto the scene, fueled by the rise of social media and bringing original trends and tastes to car culture that previous generations could have never imagined. Mixing nostalgia for the 1980s and 90s with advancements in modern technology and engineering, car nuts today are displaying greater depth and diversity in their desire for driving performance that goes far beyond 0-60 mph times and straight-line muscle. Where does this new path leave the beloved all-stars of old, and will car culture survive in an increasingly digital world?

“Our collective idea of what makes a ‘car guy’ has hardly changed over the past 60 years,” said ZumMallen. “The reality is that modern enthusiasts are just as inspired by video games, YouTube videos, podcasts, Nürburgring lap times, vintage design and fashion as they are by magazine covers. Especially as the automotive scene has grown to include more enthusiasts, both men and women, of all backgrounds and cultures it is time someone asked the question: what does it even mean to be a ‘car guy’ in 2020?”

A multi-faceted marketing campaign will carry out on social media through Carrara Media channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. ZumMallen will be available for media appearances and in-person events.

Ryan K. ZumMallen is a veteran automotive journalist with a decade of experience in writing and reporting and is the founder and president of Carrara Media. He is currently the Senior Writer at and covers passenger vehicles including crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks. His work has appeared in Road & Track magazine, and online in Car And Driver, The Verge and Autobytel. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @Zoomy575M. 

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